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dog walking

awww hun the frenchbok one was soo cute haha

i miss you bunches!!

so i was just remembering the time that i was driving home from school with my brother… and i saw u!

it was funny cause i was super pissed off at him for not taking me straight home and making me go with him to get the oil on the car cause i was super tired and had just had a final. i wa even more pissed when we go to the place and it turned out that he had forgot his debit card which mean that it was a complete waste of time! i had just finished telling him off when we had made a turn onto randolph from atlantic i had just finished saying we pass by here all the time and never see cindy! bu then i saw this really small sweaty girl walking a huge dog and i damn near jumped out the car window when i realized who it was!

i told him to stop the car and before the car was stopped i opened the door and ran down the sidewalk u were already on the other side of ur fence when i screamed CINDY! and u answered all scared WHO IS IT? 

i nearly peed myself laughing cause u sounded like u were expecting someone to jump over the fence and rape you haha

but then i said it was me and u got as excited as i had already been since i realized it was you hahaha

then like a dork u tell me “u look all cute” and i was wearing sweats my uggs and a pullover lol

thats exactly why iki fuveki uki hun!


That yellow french book of yours, the one you always carried around, made me want to talk french…JUST LIKE YOU!

SO when I got French as my foreign language I nearly peed myself (seems like I do that quite a lot).

I pictured us having just the most ridiculous fluent conversations in french.

For the most part, that really didn’t happen.

We had conversations in french that most 2 year olds in France could have.


Ta mere c’est jolie.

Tu est mon favorite amie.


So there’s this boy at my school who is a foreign exchange student, and he’s from France. And I’ve learned so much more, so now I think I can keep up.

French was cool, sure.

But our OWN language is better. :)

uki sabeski cuantoki jeki tiki aimeki.


I remember when I found out…

you were in Leadership class.

I wanted to walk over to you and say: “WHY!!?!? Get out of here!!!!”

You know, back in 7th grade.


I always wondered why you played baseball, and why you were always trying to compete with me.

You know, all these stupid things that went on inside my 12 year old head.

I hated you, and those Mets. (wait, what that the name of your team?)

I remember walking in a seeing your face and nearly passing out.

Then Mr. Corona said we would be put in committees and I wished you wouldn’t be in mine.

and then BAM!

You were.

That’s where it began.

I remember it being the table closest to the back and I THINK we were in the Spirit committee.

How do I remember these random little facts?! haha

I remember how weird I thought you were.

You had all these green things on your folder.

And the first time I met JC, I was like OHHH this is where she gets her weirdness from.

I always pictured JC giving me a hug and poking my eye out with his hair.

Momma Maggie used to scare the CRAP out of me, but then she became like a second madre.

And Papa Carlos always being sweet.

I remember how we used to write all these gay letters to one another.

I used to try and make mine so perfect and colorful just so you could think I was really cool and this made you want to stay my best friend.

We were the shit in Leadership.

iki fuveki uki.


hahaha that last post you wrote made me laugh so hard erica!

SO I was stalking your new pictures of Jaime’s wedding and I just can’t believed he’s MARRIED!

I still remember when him and melissa la pedorra had something.

haha. crazy right?

well you look super FINE in your new profile picture, and I think I peed myself a little when I saw it.

why is your hair so perfect all the time?

I guess those horse hair vitamin pills do works after all.

haha jk.

I miss you.


and you know I still have those Just USA pants ;)

nostalgia trip:|

so I had a dream that we were back in middle school and u were wearing that one puma sweater and u had that ponytail with all the gel and those just USA pants(: lol!!!

iki fuveki uki




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my bestest friend.

my soul sister.

my diary.

she’s been a part of what made me who I am today.

oh so gayyyyy. haha


my bestest friend.
my soul sister.
my diary.
she&#8217;s been a part of what made me who I am today.
oh so gayyyyy. haha

your pelito!

(these are the pictures of when we had our afterschool date at KFC) how romantic <3 haha

erica I remember the days when we said we would never dye our hair. haha ahh I can’t believe you dyed your pelito!!!! !@#$%^&*()_!!!!!

I want to see a better picture though. So send me one or post it on here.

I want to say that I miss you and that I hope you had a GREAT christmas and a crazy New Year’s Eve. (I know you did, you always find a way to make things interesting, in a good way of course!) haha

tell the fam bam that I miss them as well and tell chris to stop getting older!

ok amor. iki fuveki uki!


cindy-lou #9

big little brother:(

big little brother:(

Dropping your phone.

The first time:

The next few times:

After a million times:

After a billion times:

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